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List of Mobile App Back-end Service Providers For Developers

When people talk about software engineering, the front- and back-ends are often associated with it. The front-end part describes the usage of input devices and software, user interaction, and information presentation. The back-end manages how data can be produced, stored, modified and secured. In other words, the front-end is the web browser or mobile device, and the back-end is the place where data is stored and managed.

In today’s technological world where every day more and more mobile applications are coming into market, the requirements of back-end service providers has also increased considerably.

What is Mobile App Backend As A Service?

These days most mobile apps to need a backend connected with internet. It allows you to handle a central databank that allows the users to share different content through the cloud computing system. A few years ago, things were very different. You needed to create your own backend with the help of technologies such as Ruby or PHP. It was a difficult and time-consuming procedure

Why Do You Require Mobile App Backend Service Provider?

It is difficult for Mobile App developers to assess the demand of the app before its launch in the market. However, it might be difficult mobile app developers to develop a scalable backend infrastructure for their app. It involves a completely different set of procedures and expertise.

However, with the number of mobile app backend service providers that are available in the market, developers do not have to be concerned about creating a backend for their apps. These service providers allow the developers to configure a web-based backend infrastructure straight into their apps.

Mobile App Backend As A Service Platforms

Now that you have gotten some understanding about mobile app backend service, look at some of the popular mobile app backend service providers and their characteristics. Even though the technological industry is led by the saleable providers, some of them are upcoming open-source providers that are also on the rise. Here we will be looking at some of the popular backend service providers:


Firebase is an application development platform created by Firebase Inc. in the year 2011. It enables the development of both mobile-based and web-based applications. However, in 2014, Firebase was acquired by Google. It provides wide-ranging features characterized in three main stages to be exact. Those stages are Develop, Earn and Grow, that means develop your web or mobile-based app, grow user base for the app, and earn money from that user base.

As, Firebase is now owned by Google, who has also developed the Android operating system, Firebase is generally used as a platform for development of Android.

AWS- Amazon Web Services

One of the other popular mobile app backend service providers is Amazon Web Services i.e. AWS. It is one of the earliest mobile app backend service providers. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a protected cloud based service platform, which offers high performance computing, storage of data, content distribution system, and other serviceable functions to help app developers grow their businesses. AWS offers cloud products and services to develop user-friendly applications with improved flexibility, innovativeness, and consistency. It offers a wide range of cloud computing services. Indeed, several old and new cloud service providers make use of Amazon Web Services.  AWS offers almost every service ranging from data warehousing to automated deployment tools.  They offer more than 50 services without any advance capital expenditure, enabling for the business enterprises, new businesses, and other clienteles from the public sector to meet the requirements of the changing business environment.


Kinvey is one of the initial companies to arise that exclusively dedicated on developing mobile app backend solutions. Kinvey was founded in 2010, since then it has been focused on providing services to big business, and has recently brought out the protected private cloud services.


Mesosfer is a mobile app backend service provider. It enables the app developers to create web-based app or mobile-based app for almost every mobile operating system like Android and iOS. It offers services like cloud storage, integrating APIs to make data integration beneficial, user management, web push notification, mobile push notification, and social media integration. Mesosfer as a mobile app backend service provider offers Software Development Kit (SDK) to make it easier for the developers to integrate web browser or mobile device to Mesosfer cloud.

It is a mobile backend as a service provider and app development platform developed by Raw Engineering. This company is known for its software development services and is headquartered at San Francisco. According to the developers, this mobile backend as a service was made from the scratch for the use of enterprise domain and it enables the customers to set up mobile apps in private, public or hybrid cloud computing infrastructure.

mobile app backend provider developers

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services

Microsoft Azure offers wide range of integrated cloud services, which are used by app developers, and IT experts to create, set up, and manage web and mobile applications. Azure Mobile Services provide support for web push notifications and mobile push notification, data synchronization, and data authentication. Application developers who work in the enterprise or architecture domain can connect to corporate networks using technologies like VPN. Azure Mobile app backend as a service supports iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

CloudKit By Apple

CloudKit was launched by Apple Company in 2014. The main purpose of this mobile app backend as a service platform is to perform as an online databank for iOS applications. It also provides its customers with several other services like mobile push notifications. There are many advantages of CloudKit. For example, there is no restriction on number of push notifications you can send to your customers or subscribers. Nevertheless, one of the biggest disadvantages of CloudKit mobile app backend as a service platform is that at present it is accessible on no other platforms except for Apple’s.


Kumulos mobile app backend as a service platform offers app developers an easy method to incorporate its features with Android and iOS based applications. The main objective of this service provider is to assist the developers in saving their time and money when developing an application and earn money by providing first-rate services when the application is launched.

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