Top 5 Web Hosting Providers with Data centers in India

A data center is designed for bringing together a large number of systems or to implement the networking of an array of servers in a technical environment. The main role of the data centers is to help the organizations in storing, processing, and distributing large amounts of data remotely by taking into consideration the security concerns of data loss or misuse. The data centers serving as hosting providers act like the backbone of the whole infrastructure of any business or organization. It enhances the efficient performance of the overall organization.

If you are looking for a reliable hosting provider in India with operational data centers, then here is a list of the top data centers chosen on the basis of infrastructure, performance, and track record.

  1. DigitalOcean: DigitalOcean is one of the leading cloud computing platforms that has recently launched its dedicated data center in Bangalore, India. With its headquarters in New York, this hosting provider has been rapidly expanding its service base by offering top-notch and simplified on-demand resources for cloud computing. DigitalOcean continues to offer its plan of single pricing across the regions of its specialized hosting services, including Bangalore now. This implies that the SSD-enabled cloud-based servers beginning at $5 USD/month, along with identical prices including all the additional prices like snapshots, bandwidth, and so more are provided by DigitalOcean.


DataOcean provides VPS hosting with $10 USD referral bonus along with $15 USD coupon code to the cloud-based servers. The best feature of this hosting provider with its data center in Bangalore is the excellent server response along with quicker page load time offered to the associated businesses or organizations.


  1. A2 Hosting: If you are looking for blazing high-speed web hosting services in India with dedicated data centers locally situated, then A2 Hosting has the best options for you. With a wide range of business-oriented hosting services, A2 Hosting handles all your low traffic and slow page loading speed concerns efficiently. With hosting services starting at a minimal competitive price, you can expect some amazing set of cloud-based hosting services from A2 Hosting.


A2 Hosting offers a special feature known as A2 Optimized that ensures the delivery of the best speed and security settings to your online business. With up to 20 times faster servers, A2 Hosting also offers free account migration, money back guarantee anytime, 99.9% uptime commitment, Guru crew support 24/7, and some more specialized services to aid your online business.


  1. Go4Hosting: With its data centers in India, Go4Hosting offers highly resilient, performance-driven, and secure data center solutions to the online businesses. With a wide array of data center services including flexible architecture, enhanced data security, high scale data storage, on-demand & add-ons scalability, and optimum use of the latest technology, Go4Hosting is your reliable partner for availing top-notch hosting services with its data center in India.


The data center solutions designed by Go4Hosting ensure the efficient syncing of the enterprise growth and IT equipment during the planning and building of high-performance data rooms. With its leading services including 99.95% uptime SLA, cutting-edge hardware technology, round-the-clock technical assistance, higher performance bandwidth, 25,000 square feet data center space, robust six layer protection, and so more; you can rely on Go4Hosting as one of the best hosting providers in India with data centers.


  1. CloudOYE: With the presence of experienced scalability, robustness, redundancy, high availability, and top-notch performance of the cloud hosting platform in India, CloudOYE is one of the most reliable and best-performing hosting service providers in India. With its data centers in India, the data centers of CloudOYE are designed with the approach of next-generation cloud infrastructure to ensure reduced integration costs, faster service & innovation time, and stronger security to the online businesses.


The portfolio of CloudOYE with respect to its service offering includes IT, manufacturing, retail, financial, education, and even public industries. CloudOYE offers a diverse range of tailor-made web hosting plans and services that aim at scaling up the business growth significantly. With more than 16 years of experience in the industry, CloudOYE aims at delivering a comprehensive suite of cloud hosting and managed hosting services with its data center in India.


  1. DialWebHosting: If you are looking for top-notch reliability and the best infrastructure with the optimum availability of cloud-based servers for your business, then consider DialWebHosting as one of the best hosting service providers with its data centers in India. DialWebHosting has an array of reputed clients as their list of satisfied customers & organizations in India. DialWebHosting comes with its own set of tier 3 data centers in India located at Noida and Jaipur.


Some of the high-end features offered by DialWebHosting in India include high redundancy, efficient environment for building highly scalable infrastructure, maximum uptime of around 99.95%, top-notch security, 24/7 support by technical experts, faster uploads & increased traffic, and so more to optimize the overall performance of your online business. DialWebHosting ensures the provision of the fastest and the most affordable shared web hosting solutions with its dedicated data centers in India. The performance-driven shared hosting plans and services offered b DialWebHosting make use of stringent security features along with world-class IT capabilities to ensure the success of your online business.

The overall growth of any online organization or business completely depends on the web hosting. Therefore, a top-quality web hosting service provider should be considered as the topmost priority of your organization. An efficient web hosting service provider can enhance the overall performance of your business by offering high-end features & security features at highly affordable prices.

There are an array of web hosting plans and service providers available in the industry currently. You can make the wisest selection of the best hosting service provider with its data center in India to optimize the performance of your online business. The best choice of the web hosting service provider with its data center in India will serve as a key to your successful online business. Ensure the success of your online business now!

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