How to promote Mobile Apps Games

How to promote Mobile Apps/ Games

There are millions of apps that are available for download on both App Store and Google Play Store. It is difficult to provide exact numbers as they seem to increase by the day. There is tough competition and even though you may think your app would be the best – believe me when I say this, there are people maybe have already come up with something like yours if not better. Considering this you may want some serious tips on how you could promote your app in an effective way:

  1. Social Media:

This comes without saying that social media is one of the best places for promotion. One can find almost all types of target crowd and potential customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer special ways of promoting business for which one would have to pay, you would have access to more features and the specific media platform also helps you in the promotion. If you don’t wish to pay you could simply increase your social presence and push to make yourself known. However, if you really wish to promote your app fast, it is best that you took the paid way. You also get hold of many tools that help you track your progress. YouTube also happens to be a great place to promote your app. Not only can you have them play in between videos you can also have them embedded along with review article. Recently the popularity of YouTube has swooped quite high as people these days prefer to watch videos more than simple images.

  1. App Store Optimization:

Just as the websites have SEO to increase their traffic and come up on the Search Engine Results Page the apps have ASO or App Store Optimization which is significant in being discovered on mobiles in a market where there are millions of other apps waiting to be downloaded. What are the basic requirements for an app to be optimized?

  • Unique app name
  • It should have relevant keywords yet shouldn’t be satiated with all of them making it look out of place.
  • The content that you have created to describe the app should clearly speak about the value that it has to offer and the release notes, updates and description of the updates.
  • There should be a video tutorial or screenshots that explain what the app is all about and how it would function or carry highlights of the app and its offerings.

  1. Celebrity or Influencer Authorizations:

There are influencers all over whose authorization value a lot. They have a huge fan following who are deeply influenced by them and follow whatever they say. Remember to connect to someone who is associated the industry. When these influencers take your app to their social channels or blogs it sure makes a huge impact on the publicity of your app.

  1. Multiple Stores:

You shouldn’t be limiting your app just to Google Play Store, while it happens to be the most famous one, there are many other stores that people look up to for downloads such as AppBrain, Slide me, Amazon Developer, GETJAR, etc. Also you don’t need to build a new app for every store, all that is needed is marketing graphics size to match the particular store.

  1. Advertise through Computers and Mobiles:

Paid ads floated on the internet also attract a huge number of people. Pay-per-Click or Pop-ups are quite influential, besides these there are many other forms of online advertisements which you can select. Placing ad banners on blogs and websites where you think you can find potential customers would make an incredible impact on the popularity of the app you are promoting.

  1. Put Your App on Discount or Make it Free for a Few Days:

This tip comes from some of the experienced app developers who have successfully promoted their apps. You downloads would go up considerably high if you put you app on discount. Of course people like free things so if your app is made free, the downloads would increase substantially while also making it popular among people. You could also launch it for free initially and then later on make it available for a given price. The publicity got initially would be enough to have branded you if your mobile app is truly good.

  1. Build a Website:

Internet is where you find the people nowadays and it is here that they spend most of their time – either working, shopping, studying, reading or playing. Having a home for your app will show how legitimate you are about what you are promoting or offering. Having a website makes it look professional and gives it a branding. With a website you also have a lot of place to describe about the app and promote it through videos or other content. Include reviews and guest experiences about your app and make it look big and beautiful. Website also allows you to have access to different marketing tools and techniques such as SEO or link promotion.

  1. Launch it Right:

The launch of an app should be designed in a way that it gets maximum exposure, the thrust or push that you give it initially will keep it rolling for a long time. Plan ahead and make everything happen together – the banners, blog posts, PPC etc. People may ignore your app for the first time and even the second time but when people see things again and again they tend to get curious and they happen to click to see what you offer.

  1. Get Reviewed:

This is another way of getting your app a good name and position on the internet – social evidence shall we call it! Have your app reviewed, if you are certain about its features then it would play an important role in getting known. People usually look for ratings and feedbacks about what they are about to use.

Your app may be useful, cool or exciting but if you haven’t promoted it right people will be unable to see it. Follow the above tips and see how your downloads improve.


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