Cloud Based Web Hosting Comparison

Cloud Based Web Hosting Comparison – Google Cloud vs AWS vs Digital Ocean vs IBM SOFTLAYER

Cloud Based Web Hosting Comparison : Are you in search of a reliable and effective cloud-based web hosting service provider? The flexibility of operations, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and several other advantages offered by some of the best cloud-based web hosting service providers out there make cloud hosting service as one of the most sought-after hosting services for the online businesses. By considering the fact that the users usually utilize a series of web products & services like the Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, MediaFire, SkyDrive, Box, and so more –all of which are based on cloud-based computing services, several tech experts and webmaster believe that over a short span of time, normal web hosting will disappear to give space to cloud-based hosting solutions.

There are several web hosting service providers out there that claim to offer uninterrupted services to take your online business to another level. However, most of them charge hefty prices for giving out their exclusive services. If you are in search of a budget-friendly, yet reliable cloud-based web hosting service, then here are some top service providers of the same. You might consider availing their services as we present a detailed comparison of each one of them on the basis of price & services provided by each. Have a read:

  • Google Cloud Platform: This is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution starting at $6,092 per year to avail the 8-server web app package. The Google Cloud Platform cloud-based web hosting service is based on Linux. It is powered by the self variant of Google Linux. In addition to the self version of Linux, the Google Cloud Platform also exploits the KVM hypervisor of Linux for offering its customers with a virtual infrastructure that runs on Debian, 64-bit CentOS, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Ubuntu Linus, and SUSE along with Windows Server 2008 & 2012.


The Google Cloud Platform also provides one of the best and highly reliable container supports that is currently available on any public cloud. It also offers support for both CoreOS and Docker container standards. Another significant feature of the Google Cloud Platform is that it comes with a sophisticated networking standard. With this feature, a virtual network can be easily created along with public and private subnets for arranging the VMs.

  • Amazon Web Services: If you are looking for a proven winner in the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions, then you can go with the cloud-vulnerable AWS (Amazon Web Services). Starting at $6,415 per year for the 8-server Web app package, AWS is amongst the best cloud-based web hosting service providers to the global businesses. The users can build a complete end-to-end workload with the help of custom coded apps and effective management tools as offered by the AWS cloud services.


AWS comes with 4 distinct feature buckets. These include the Databases, Computing, Networking, and Storage & Content Delivery. All of these can be controlled at some high level with the help of effective admin controls that are accessible through a secure web client. Some of the available tools offered by the AWS cloud services include auditing, identity management, monitoring & logging, creation, control & storage of encryption key, and so more. AWS is based on the RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) variant also provides support to several Linux distributions along with Windows Server 2003, 2008 & 2012. The Amazon’s cloud also offers support to the Docker containers.

  • Digital Ocean: When you need a highly reliable and effective cloud-based hosting service provider at highly affordable rates, then Digital Ocean is the perfect option for you. You can try out the cloud-based hosting services offered by Digital Ocean for as low as $5 per month for a single server (droplet) that comes with 1 core processor, 20 GB SSD storage, and 512 RAM. The main asset of the cloud-based hosting service provider Digital Ocean is the raw servers offered directly to every account. As such, your site never experiences any sort of downtime and will also reflect quicker loading time in contrast to other sites using different cloud-based web hosting service providers.


Digital Ocean offers an extensive network of hypervisor –each one of which has a default redundant and tolerant 40 Gbps network for ensuring perfect uptime and enhanced throughput. Digital Ocean also helps in the collection of metrics, monitoring of the overall site performance, and also helps in receiving alerts for ensuring the optimization of the application performance –all of these at no additional cost.


  • IBM SOFTLAYER: Another high-end Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) solution provider, IBM’s SoftLayer starts at $9,100 per year for the typical 8-server Web app package. Within the SoftLayer of IBM, the cloud-based web hosting service provider offers a comprehensive range of highly reliable and effective cloud services in addition to other web-based services. The SoftLayer of IBM offers a great combination of the distinct public cloud services that come with in-house as well as IBM-branded cloud services.


The SoftLayer by IBM is also capable of providing highly granular virtual hardware options like memory, processors, type of networking, type of storage, and so more in comparison to offering simply small, medium & large VMs (Virtual Machines) sizes as by other cloud-based web hosting service providers. This also implies that you are offered the ease of combining the bare-metal servers into one’s own “private” cloud. Irrespective of what and how you decide to use the SoftLayer of IBM, you can always utilize the IMS (Infrastructure Management System) of IBM or controlling it. All of the services offered by SoftLayer of IBM are powered by the typical Linux/Xen combination for the entire virtual infrastructure. In addition to this, the typical range of Windows Servers 2008 & 2012 along with Linux distributions also offers the FreeBSD OS to the users.

If you are in need of some highly reliable and effective cloud-based web hosting service providers for running your online business seamlessly, then you can choose the best one for you by reading our detailed comparison. Have a great time using these services!

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