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SEO – Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks 2017

SEO Tips And Tricks  : SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the top priorities of any website. Getting it right helps you in more traffic, more conversions and ultimately more sales. With SEO you can affect greater visibility in search engines to generate a stable stream of quality traffic for your website. While people have tried to manipulate the system by adding irrelevant search words or keywords, the search engines have learnt the ways and now cannot be misled. Their algorithms have now been designed to score website that have quality content in them. So, if you wish to draw traffic to your website abide by the rules of SEO – it isn’t quite difficult, here is what you would have to do


Quality content is the skeleton of a website. If you are not good in writing hire someone to do it for you. Your content should be readable and easily understandable. While preparing the content keep in mind your target customers if you think they cannot grab the sophisticated sentences keep it simple else you are just going to end up getting a high bounce rate (users will abandon your website). At the same time ensure that the grammar used is correct. Clear and quality content are likely to be shared more on social media platforms.

  • Search engines like it when the websites get new updates and additions. Don’t let the displayed content sit on, stop being lazy! You need traffic for which you need to keep coming up with fresh and new ideas for your website. Having a blog is a great idea. The search engines are informed that the website is continuously being updated.
  • Very short or a very long content are both not suitable. The length of an article will vary for different types of posts. Say for a blog 1,000 words is something that would bring you points while an informational article could be about 1,500 words provided you are putting in relevant information. Also videos that are extremely long don’t seem to get more attention compared to the shorter ones – research says 1 minute videos have 75% chances of being watched.
  • Internal linking is like feeding healthy juice to the search engines. Connect your old posts or blogs with new ones. Say if there was a wooden sofa that your company recently manufactured and you are writing a blog on maintaining wooden furniture then link these two posts.


If you have the right keywords placed in your content in a relevant way there is nothing that stop your website from coming up on top of the Search Engine Result Pages. Keywords need to be included in the title, header, meta description and finally the body. Keywords are linked to searches, people type in the search bar and if your keyword matches the words they have typed your website comes up in the result page. If you go around pasting keywords all over your website anywhere you like it isn’t going to work.

What also should be considered is the correct number of keywords. There are tools that can help you in this but on a general scale 1 keyword for 250 words is usually considered as the right density of keyword. Selection of keywords need to be done carefully so the users are shown your website in the results page.

  • Now there are other websites that deal with the same type of product like you do. Take for instance you are dealing in home and lifestyle and have different furniture and home decorative. You cannot just keep a single word keyword say “beds” well people are definitely going to look for something more. You would be lucky if they were shown your website but there are thousands of websites that sell beds. Long tail keywords help in solving such problems – instead of just “beds” aim for “king size beds” or “wooden double beds”.Such keywords help in boosting the conversion rates.
  • No one including the search engines will know where you are operating from and where your services can be delivered adding location or city names in the keywords help the search engines to bring up your name if the people from that particular area are looking for something which you have to offer.

Off-Page Indications:

Search engines also look into the backlinks that you have earned. One of the criteria where you can score points with the SEO is the number of backlinks that your website has got. Backlink is created when a webpage is linked to another – the websites are different. This shouldn’t be confused with internal linking where linking in done within a website among two posts of the same website or blog. These backlinks are important because they make your website look reliable and informative and this is why the search engines rank you higher. Here are some easy ways to get backlinks:

  • Have yourself interviewed, it is one of the best ways to earn backlinks. There are many websites that run interviews if you go through the right medium you can have one done for yourself.
  • Bloggers and influencers are another way to create backlinks to your website. Your targeted audience increases.
  • Leave testimonials for websites that you are a customer of and you may get a link for a testimonial – give and take policy.
  • Writing good articles also helps in getting backlinks as other websites refer back.

However, remember that don’t just pick any website to write an article as websites that are not quite reputable may not get you as many points as good websites would attract points. Don’t just write once for a website else it becomes quite noticeable that you are just writing to earn backlinks. Write for more than once. Remember to link your social media accounts in the author biography of the articles that you write. Always monitor the backlinks and see that they are being redirected to genuine websites and not error pages or any webpages that have been removed.

Put this SEO plan into place and see your traffic grow.




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