Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Best Facebook, Adword, Admob & Social Media Marketing Strategies, Tips & tricks 2017

Marketing is the heart of your business and its correct functioning is the key to a healthy business. Almost all the aspects of a business are based on how successful the marketing section is. There are many different ways of marketing your business and here are some easy tips and tricks on how you could market your business’s products and services through three different platforms – Facebook, Adword and Admob.


The social network giant is already dominating the world with its presence and there is hardly anyone that you will not find having an account with Facebook. While good content and a pretty picture would seem as a cool way to advertise (you might even attract some customers), but for marketing to actually work in the best possible way follow these tips to increase engagement.

There are many formats that advertising with Facebook covers. Some of the ad options that you have with them are:

  • Photo Ads where you have an image along with some text description which shouldn’t be under 20% of the image.
  • Lead Ads are nothing but a lead form which has been filled so people can connect to you easily. They carry your website and details etc.
  • Video Ads which also has description and there is a 25 character limit for the headline while the text should be just 90 characters. This is the best way of engaging your audience. Public engagement is the highest on videos on Facebook.
  • Canvas Ads are where you could add upto 20 images along with a video and text character limitation is 500. These are full-screen ads and one can be quite detailed about displaying what they have to offer.
  • Carousel Ads are for the customers who have already viewed the products on a certain website. This carries a video or maximum 10 images along with 90 characters of text. Customers are quite likely to come back and make a purchase from the website.
  • Collection Ads is specifically for the smartphone users and one can display many products or its features on a certain ad format. A video can be as long as 120 minutes while images should have a standard size of 1200 x 628 pixels.
  • Slideshow Ads where a collection of 10 images form a slideshow, a 90 character text limit is there and the size of the images should be 1280 x 720 pixels. The click-through rates for slideshow ads seem to have increased recently to 40%.

While the above are the types of ads that you can advertise with Facebook here are some more details on how you could engage better with the potential customer.

Time Yourself Right:

If you have no audience to view your content what is the use of it! For instance your time to reach a college student would be different than that of a housewife. While there have been researches that show certain timings, every business is different and as just discussed reaching targeted demographic crowd would also be different. You would have to post on different timings on different days of the week to check which time is the best suited for you. Once this is known, you know when to have your audience engaged with your content.

Profile Picture and Cover Photo Should be Recognizable:

While bigger companies who are already famous brands should use their logo as their profile picture others who are still trying to make big should have something that is connected to their company and can be easily recognized by the audience. While searching for your name the people will recognize you from your profile picture ensure that is unique and easy to remember. As important as a profile picture can be the cover photo should also be an interesting and an engaging one.

Call to Action:

“Sign Up”, “Watch Video” or “Book Now” are all Call to Action or CTA’s. These should be hyperlinked with the relevant website so you can have potential customers visiting your website

Important Posts Should be Pinned on Top:

Regular posts will push down older ones. However, there are some posts which are important and one would like it to stay longer. Using the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of a post on your page, and click ‘Pin to Top’ and instantly the post jumps right up on your Timeline. There can be just one post pinned on top on your Timeline at a given time.

Hold Contests:

Remunerating the audience and followers makes good customers. Giveaway your products or coupons or movie tickets etc. so they are motivated while being associated with you.


Talking to your audience makes them feel there is someone who is listening to them. A dash of personalization helps in better engagement of customers. Although every comment may not be required to respond but there could be some to which posting a reply would be wonderful.


Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the best ways of marketing. If executed in the right way you can definitely increase your conversion. You need a strong strategy here because you are paying for the clicks. Here are some important tips to remember while using Adword to market for your company.

Relevant Landing Page:

A PPC leads to a landing page and it here that the conversion happens. There should be a connection between the ad and landing page. The viewer has clicked on the ad as they are interested in the offer and now are giving you a chance to convert them. Repeat what you presented earlier and show them the benefit of your product or service.

Optimize Negative Words:

You have the option to mention the keywords which are not applicable or fit for the product or service you are dealing in. This way you are informing Google and thereby preventing your ads to pop-up on keyword searches which are not relevant for the customers. Aiming qualified customers help in saving money. Add unique words to certain ads to increase their perfection when required.

Fill All Details:

The ETAs or Expanded Text Ads offer you more space where you can add high quality content relevant to your products. Make sure you fill all the information fields. The most important one is the description box and a CTA should be included here. This helps the customer to get a clear picture of where you are located, what exactly are you selling and what benefits will he/she will get.

Use Ad Extensions:

A PPC shouldn’t just end in the Description box the ad extensions are also important and they help in boosting the performance of your ads. Sitelinks Extensions, Callouts Extensions, Review Extensions and Structured Snippets all help in offering information while also imparting your brand’s story in a better way.


You can promote your applications through in-app ads and you have to do it on both Android and iOS platforms. Admob lets you to contend for slots of advertising so if you are promoting an educational app, for example, your ad will appear on other educational apps making the audience relevant to you. Here is what you need to do.

Aim for the Best:

People interested in health would be found in other health apps where you could place your ads. However, you never know someone who is playing cards may be interested in running and burning fat or following a healthy diet too. You would have to take a bet on this and consider some more apps maybe those that have most users etc.

Optimizer Will Handle the Situation:

Reveal your target Cost Per Action or CPA to AdMob and it will inform the Conversion Optimizer algorithm of Google and it will locate the best users that come in your target. The target CPA is just an average value and there might be some days when you could go above it or fall below but slowly the target comes to what you have actually set.

Patience is Virtue:

The CPA bids shouldn’t be changed frequently. Waiting for atleast 10 days will help as the optimizer takes time to learn. The adjustment bid shouldn’t be too extremes as well else it will offset the optimizer.

Follow these easy tips to boom your marketing strategy with the above platforms.


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