How To work Google Analytics

How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics?

How To work Google Analytics : Since the time Google Analytics has revamped its overall design, it is not only offering a cleaner look, but also has been providing updated data sets. You can now find almost everything from the real-time stats to in-depth details about which smartphone was used for accessing your site, and so more. Google Analytics has introduced some of the best features of their analytics program to make it easier for the organizations to view and use the advanced visualization features.

If you wish to make the most out of the latest advancements in Google Analytics, then here are some of the simple ways of doing the same:

  • Seeing the Most Important Data Analytics First: If there is a particular piece of data that you wish to see every time you login into the analytics page, then you can set it up in the Dashboard area. With the latest Google Analytics, you can also create multiple dashboards, each one containing multiple widgets. For the widgets, you can choose from a variety of options including a particular metric, a pie chart, a timeline, or even a table; as per your convenience. Each of the widgets can be filtered as you prefer.


The best part of the dashboards offered by Google Analytics is that you are allowed to change the date range for viewing all the widgets update with the data of the given date range. This serves as a great feature especially when you wish to see the overview of the stats for incoming traffic, goal completions, and various other metrics of your site.


  • Determining the Location of Your Best Visitors: Have you ever considered doing advertising through Facebook, Google, StumbleUpon, or various other similar services? If you have not, then it might out turn out to be a daunting task for you to determine who you should be targeting during the advertisement setups. Several advertising channels would ask you to focus on a particular country or to target your advertisement worldwide.


However, with the advanced version of Google Analytics, you do not have to worry anymore. In your Google Analytics dashboard, under the Visitors menu, you can have a look at the Location demographics of the visitors to your site. Here, you can also see the worldwide stats of the visitors including the information like average time on site and bounce rate of certain visitors from particular locations. By knowing the specific locations of your visitors and important information with respect to their geographical preferences, you can utilize the same to your advantage.


  • Find About the Most Successful Online Campaigns: Are you curious about which particular online marketing campaign(s) have been the most successful in generating higher traffic and conversions for your site? Then, you can have a look at the advanced segments of your Google Analytics dashboard.


Once you have entered all the required domains and created the advanced segment for your Google Analytics page, you can see all of your site’s traffic along with goal conversion data that are arriving from different sources. This information might give you a good idea about which strategy or advertising campaign has been delivering the best results to your site. With the help of the right customer segments, you will also be able to calculate the ROI of the different social media campaigns along with other online marketing strategies.


  • Learning What People are Searching for on Your Site: Most of the business owners are aware of the trick to find the exact set of keywords that might be bringing visitors to their site. However, if you wish to go beyond this information to find out what exactly the visitors are searching for on your site, then this information can serve as a boon to enhance the user experience.


With the help of Google Analytics, you can learn about the same to accelerate the services offered by your online business. The option of Site Search in Google Analytics can help you in determining if visitors are actually getting what they are searching for on your site. It also gives you an idea about which exact pages of your site need more content or specific information to keep your visitors engaged properly.

  • Identifying the Worst Performing Pages: There could be a few items in the content menu of your site that could be the top pages for the visitors exiting your site. You can identify and analyze the same with the help of Google Analytics to become aware of how many people are arriving or exiting on a particular page of your site.


For any site, the exiting of the visitors from a certain page would imply that the visitors are not finding what they are looking for on the given page and then, leaving. This might imply that you would need to evaluate the content of the individual pages of your site to ensure that the visitors are finding exactly what they want and getting a proper call to action so that you are able to get them before they leave for anywhere else.


  • Determining Where People are Abandoning the Shopping Cart: Does your website include multiple checkout process stages? If this is the case, then you can use Google Analytics to set up a specific goal for your website using the option Goal Funnel. By using this set up, you can view the reports that show when exactly visitors to your site are abandoning the shopping cart during the purchase process.


If you come across a higher number of people exiting the payment page, then you need to do something to ensure that the particular page is more shopping friendly. By fixing this issue with the help of Google Analytics features, you can enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

Google Analytics and its specialized set of features have the capability to transform your online business into a successful venture. You just need to make the rightful utilization of the same to ensure the top-notch performance of your site.

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